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Kairalee Nilayam Central School

Kairalee Nilayam Central School


School follows the CBSE syllabus. Students are monitored and evaluated on a regular basis. We integrate various teaching methods into a traditional, broad based curriculum with a multi model approach and focus not only on basics but also on higher level thinking skills.

The school follows the continuous and comprehensive evaluation as per the CBSE requirement. Regular tests and exams are conducted. Assignments, projects are given to the students on a regular basis to assess the students. Science, Maths, Social Science Quiz programs are conducted periodically.

The curriculum:

The academic session consists of two terms:
First Term : June to September
Second Term : October to March

Academic year for school commences from the month of June and extends upto March 31st of the following year.

Class 1st to 3rd Std

Core subjects : Mathematics, Environmental Studies

Languages offered : English, Hindi, Kannada

Other subjects : Computer Science, General Knowledge, Drawing / Art, Moral Science, SUPW / Craft, Physical Education, Music / Dance

Class 4th to 10th Std

Core subjects : Science, Mathematics, Social Science

Languages offered : English, Hindi (2nd or 3rd language), Kannada (2nd or 3rd language), Sanskrit (3rd language).

Other subjects : Computer Science, General Knowledge, Drawing / Art, Moral Science, SUPW / Craft, Physical Education, Health Education, Yoga, Music / Dance

To improve and develop the language skills the teachers focus on the following points

Language Skills:

Listening skills

Reading skills

Debate/speech/group discussion/presentation


Grammar exercises

Handwriting / story-telling / recitation



Presentation on Science concepts

Science Quiz Multiple choice questions (written) 

Single or group assignments / projects

Model Making etc.

Social Science:

Written assignments

Simple projects (group & individual)

Presentation (group & individaul)


Multiple choice questions (written)

Chart making / models/ map work


Dramatization of historical events

Speech on important personalities

In order to make the CCA practice more effective teachers also conduct five minute test (oral or written), open book test, surprise test, answering questions, dictations etc. 

 It is mandatory for all the students to appear for the annual exam.

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